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Tropical Florida Gardens

What's in Bloom at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates?

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Edison Ford Garden Visitors

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On October 18th

garden bee on blue pea vine As our gardens expand, so does the variety of visitors we see here. Our Blue Pea Vine has caught the attention of the Long-tailed Skipper (Urbanus proteus) as evidenced by the eggs and larva we have found on the leaves.  Shown below, the newly-hatched larvae are no bigger than a mosquito larva.

barden blue pea vine long tailed skipper larvae

Long-tailed Skipper larvae on the Blue Pea Vine

garden tropical sage

  Tropical Sage


Attracting butterflies to your yard is easy when you have the right larval host plants. Visit our Garden Shoppe for a variety of host plants, as well as showy nectar plants. We are open from 9:00am to 5:30pm seven days a week.

October 2015 Garden Talk

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On October 2nd

Garden Talk: Vegetable Gardening for Southwest Florida

  • October 10, 10:00 a.m. – Meet at the Information Booth

      It is a very special month for Edison Ford’s Garden Talk with Guest Speaker and Master Gardener Karen Harty. Staff Horticulturist, Debbie Hughes and Janice Schmidt will join Harty for a morning dedicated to learning about vegetable gardening in Southwest Florida. Harty created “Grow a Gardener” program and is leader of the VegHeads 4-H Youth Club devoted to growing edibles. She also started the Edible Gardening Exchange meetings, where once a month they discuss edible gardening topics from strawberries to potatoes. Besides many of the unusual vegetables Edison Ford’s Garden Shoppe sells, Harty will have special seeds and small plants, and might even bring some strawberries.

HUGE RADISH     Don’t know what to grow? Unsure how to get started? Come to Edison Ford community garden to see what can be done and how to do grow garden edibles. Raised beds, raised berms and mounds will all be discussed, as well as organic controls for pests, and the best variety of plants to grow.

Participants will receive a 20% discount in the Garden Shoppe. Cost: Edison Ford Members $5; non-members $10. RSVP to Leeanne Criswell, Edison Ford Registrar at 239-334-7419 or


Annual Fall Plant Fair

November 20 – 22

      Dozens of vendors selling unusual tropical plants, workshops and special discounts in the Edison Ford Garden Shoppe. More to come!