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Tropical Florida Gardens

What's in Bloom at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates?

Trial Run of the Botanical Illustration Course Creates Beautiful Artwork

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On December 20th

One of the perks of being a volunteer at the Estates (besides free admission to  the Estates and other gardens around the country) is the opportunity to participate in a lot of fun events, like Holiday Nights.   Last Friday, some of our volunteers brought their paintbrushes and artistic inclination to the gardens and received free art instruction during a trial run of Megan Kissinger’s Botanical Illustration Course.

[slideshow]I started the day off by giving the group an hour-long botanical tour of the gardens.  Then Megan took over and gave illustration instruction for an hour before the group split up and found “their” plant in the butterfly garden.  As the group worked, Megan visited each artist to check on their progress and offer helpful suggestions.  After lunch, the group moved into the gardens in front of the Edison Home and started a new drawing.  To end the class, each artist brought their drawings up to the porch of the home for a short critique.


All the participants had a great day in the gardens and created some beautiful pieces of work.  And thanks to our volunteers for being the guinea pigs for this class!  If you’re interested in taking one of the classes in January or March, click here for details.  No experience necessary!

Britta Hanson Soderqvist, Plant Curator

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