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What's in Bloom at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates?

Halloween-ish Plants, Part 2

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On October 20th

Following my report on the zombie palm, here’s another plant at the Estates with a creepy name: DEVIL TREE, Alstonia scholaris.

Like most common names, it’s hard to pinpoint how the name came about. Some say it’s because the seedpods, which hang down in long thin bunches, resemble a devil’s pitchfork.  Some cultures believe the devil or ghosts live in the tree.  Others say it is because the flowers smell so sweet they entice passers-by to lay under tree, only to be lulled into eternal sleep.

Although the common name’s origins are not understood, its scientific name is quite clear.  The genus Alstonia, which includes at least 40 species of trees, all called devil trees, was named after Charles Alston, a professor of botany in Scotland during the early 1700’s.  The species name scholaris refers to the historic use of the timber as blackboards and slates for school children.

Since it prefers warm temperatures (it is native to southeast Asia and Australia), our devil tree grows readily at the Estates.  It is at the east end of the main parking lot.

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Britta Soderqvist, Plant Curator

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