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What's in Bloom at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates?

Plant Spotlight: Fringed Hibiscus

Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On June 21st

by Britta Soderqvist, Estates Plant Curator

Fringed Hibiscus, Hibiscus schizopetalus

The fringed hibiscus is a fast-growing shrub native to Africa.  Like other hibiscus, it has five petals and a long stigma, but the petals of this plant are divided and the whole flower hangs down, creating a unique, lantern-like effect.

Our records show that Mina and Thomas Edison enjoyed the beauty of the fringed hibiscus, purchasing at least one plant for the Estates in 1908.  Hummingbirds are known to visit the flower and it’s likely that is one of the reasons the Edisons, both avid bird lovers, planted it on their grounds.

Fringed hibiscus will grow in full to part sun although a full day of Florida’s summer sun is probably too much.  During drought, water heavily once a week.  Individual flowers will bloom for just one or two days but the plant should be in bloom during most of the warm months.  The shrub may reach ten feet in height and spread five to six feet on average.  Mature plants should recover from a light freeze.  Fringed hibiscus may also be grown in pots or hanging baskets.

You can see our mature fringed hibiscus behind the large bougainvillea near the Moonlight Garden.  Plants in six inch pots are available for $12 at the Estates Garden Shoppe.

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  1. Laurie Says:

    I have a Schizopetalus Hibiscus. I live in Indiana, so i have to bring it in every winter. The last 2 winters the plants leaves are curling under with pin size spots on them. I have sprayed it and have also treated it with a systemic insect drench.the plant starts to look better and than just starts the process all over. I have had the plant for about 20 years and hope to be able to figure out what is wrong with it, anyone around here that i have asked for help dosent seem to know what is going on with it. Any ideas on what is wrong with it, or what i can do?

    Posted on April 2nd, 2017 at 10:32 am